You want to experience the greatest love ever so let us start creating it together!

Single in a relationship. You deserve to have a healthy, happy, connected and fulfilling relationship. One in which you feel completely relaxed and able to express yourself and be your authentic self.

A relationship were your morals and values are appreciated and you are treated with respect.

  • Let us help you with self-awareness
  • Finding your authenticity
  • Understanding and nurturing your values and beliefs system.

You deserve to be in a happy family where you feel protected, loved and cared for and is healthy to raise children who also are loved, protected and appropriately provided for. 

The very first relationships a child has is with their parents and any siblings. Whether healthy or not, these relationships provide a model for what future relationships will look like when they become adults.

Family dynamics often repeat themselves and reinforce beliefs about relationships and self.

  • Help parents understand their roles
  • Mirroring their love language to each other
  • Dealing with shared responsibilities
  • Keeping the love alive even after the children arrive
  • Create time for bonding and rejuvenation
  • Effectively manage the stress levels that may be in the relationship or work/life balance

You deserve to be in a happy, appreciated and respectful relationship even if you are older and may be stepping out after having lived the single life for quite awhile whether due to divorce, or death of  spouse.  

You might feel a little out of your element, also times have changed and so have dating norms. 

  • Let us help you, as a mature dater, with valid information to ensure you are not misguided. 

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Let’s see if we can work together and discover the best approach to take toward your happiness. 

Are the following challenges impacting your love relationships negatively. We have solutions.

  •  Fearful of being hurt again after a tragic breakup.
  • Weary of attracting the wrong partner.
  • Lost hope, self-esteem and need to heal.
  • Lost confidence in yourself.
  • Have trust and commitment issues.
  • Having communication problems.
  • Difference in love language.
  • Toxic relationship.
  • Connecting intimately.
  • Any other challenge, just ask, we may be able to help.

Before you say "I DO"

Before you get married it is important to look at some areas of your life very seriously so as to avoid future problems when you have already married and it may be too late, or you live to regret not having made serious, conscious reviews before “tying the knot.” 

Once you and your partner have decided to get married, it can feel like a lot of pressure, light-headedness  and excitement toward the big day. During this time you are both  caught up in wedding planning, ensure everything is perfect, so every single interaction between you both may well revolve around wedding details and decisions. However, while this may be important you should also take time not only to prepare for a beautiful wedding but also to get ready for a lasting and happy marriage. In my opinion this is vitally important. 

Not planning your life together is one of the mistakes that many couple make and this is the most important aspect of your relationship and life together. So in order to deepen and strengthen your bond—and make the transition into married life smoother and rewarding—here are 5 important things that both wedding and marriage experts recommend couples do together before they get married.

Before that big day, which may be months or weeks ahead grab your spouse-to-be, and  consider the following advice, discuss them thoroughly  and start checking things off after completion on this list.

Here is your checklist:

  • Understand each other values – communicate and discuss. What are you individual beliefs and values with regards to Family (relatives, having children), religion, politics, different social medias that you may like.
  • Have a discussion about money – saving, shared accounts/expenses, living expenses and how they would be shared, future financial projects, spendings. This is a critical area that must be given real focus because this has ruin many relationships  – financial management.
  •  Social activities and previous friendships – Partying, going out with friends (before the marriage both have friends that they were already socializing with). It is important that both meet each other’s favorite people so there is no uncomfortableness after marriage when you may want to continue to socialize with them. Do you know or discuss each other’s ex’s – what is the deal with that? Are they any children involved and what is the relationship going to be like?
  • Knowing what ticks each other off, individual stress levels and how stress is handled – What are the individual stresses? What causes them and how they are coped with or handled? This is very important in order to avoid arguments, resentments and regrets. 
  • Learning each other love language – How do you show affection and love to each other. This should be understood in order to clear doubts of love.