Loneliness might not come to mind when you think of conditions that can impact health and quality of life for seniors. It has been found that loneliness may be as harmful as some medical conditions and can even lead to early death.

Findings which were presented at the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association, found that loneliness and social isolation are a major public health hazard. And it’s an issue that’s especially common among older adults.

The AARP found that more than 40 million adults older than age 45 are suffering from chronic loneliness. That may seem odd, given that in many ways, we’re more connected to others by technology than ever before.

So what are the solutions?

Some ideas are quite simple. Seniors may find joy and fulfillment by:

  • Taking walks through the neighborhood, if able
  • Spending time with grandchildren or great-grandchildren
  • Taking a free class at the local senior center, church, or library
  • Singing in the choir or playing music at church
  • Having family members or friends over for tea or a meal
  • Participating in regular game nights or book clubs